Virtual Travel and Day Trips

Google Arts & Culture
Explore museums, wonders of the world, historical sites, tourist destinations, murals, architecture, sculptures, and more familiar and obscure from all over the world through Google street view. Some examples include The Met, Machu Picchu, The Palace of Versailles, Sydney Opera House, The International Space Station, The White House and many many more.

National Parks: Google Earth
Take a digital hike by clicking on the park you want, and see a series of interactive photos and views of its most breathtaking trails and views.

Cincinnati Zoo
“Let us help make your children’s hiatus from school fun and educational,” reads a note from the zoo on Facebook. Home Facebook Live Safari each weekday at 3 pm (Eastern Time) with one featured animal and an activity you can do from home. For all-day zoo webcams, consider visiting the San Diego Zoo. Alternatively, the Houston Zoo offers daily livestreams of behind-the-scenes livestreams of daily zoo life, including zookeepers bathing elephants, taking a cheetah on a walk or feeding giraffes.

Georgia Aquarium Webcam
Come for an ocean voyage with one of Georgia Aquarium’s webcams. See everything from whale sharks to piranhas and sea lions. Nine different webcams to choose from! For more webcams visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can also take a virtual walk through the National Aquarium (Washington, DC) and see the scenes where your favorite sea creatures live. The National Aquarium in Baltimore offers a virtual walk-through and webcams of sea creatures. To venture closer to home. check out Adventure Aquarium’s Q & A and behind-the-scenes videos on their Facebook page.

Boston Children’s Museum
“Walk” through all three floors of the Boston Children’s Museum on this virtual tour.

Center for Puppetry Arts
The Center for Puppetry Arts includes live streaming performances and an expanded lineup of digital learning activities and workshops, all available for free via their Facebook page @CenterforPuppetryArts. New programs every week!

Virtual Nature Field Trips
Designed for grades 5-8 but fun for adults too, virtual field trips allow you to travel the world and explore natural environments without leaving your couch. Explore rainforests, deserts, even underwater in these hour long video tours.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Visitors take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum, as well as select collections, research areas, and past exhibits no longer on display.

The Louvre
Everyone wants to go to Paris! But you don’t need to leave your house to see at least some of the exhibits at the world’s most famous art museum. Check out the current virtual tours: Egyptian antiquities, Galerie d’Apollon, and what we think will be the biggest hit with kids—the remains of the Louvre’s moat!

Want to escape the craziness of this world, how about exploring Mars?! You can absolutely “go” to the red planet. With Access Mars, you can see the actual surface of Mars, recorded by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The Great Wall of China
See one of the wonders of the world with this amazing, thousands-year old fortification system known the world over. This virtual tour has three options for touring the ancient structure: Jinshanling to Simatai, watchtower, and winter.

Buckingham Palace
An iconic building and official residence of The Queen, Buckingham Palace has been the focus of many exquisite moments. Explore this magnificent building via a virtual tour of some of the most well-known rooms.

Son Doong Cave
National Geographic lets you explore the world’s largest cave, located in Vietnam. Use the interactive map to enjoy the fully immersive experience (sound on!).

Virtual Dives
Immerse yourself in the ocean and your national marine sanctuaries without getting wet! NOAA offers virtual reality voyages using 360-degree images to highlight the amazing habitats, animals, and cultural resources you can find in each national marine sanctuary.