Creating a Backyard Victory Garden – Recording Available

Presenter: Anthony Bracco, Bracco Farms
Tuesday, April 18, 2023 @ 7 pm via Zoom

Anthony Bracco, owner of Bracco Farms, presents this talk on the Victory Garden model which was so successful during both world wars. Learn about the history of Victory Gardens and hear about the experiences of those who found joy, satisfaction, and security in growing their own food.

This presentation will also provide information to help you start your own Victory Garden, including: siting the garden, preparing the soil, sourcing seeds safely, fertilizing and watering, using the right tools, and extending the season to enjoy your garden longer.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Pennington Public Library.

 About our presenter: Anthony Bracco owns and operates Bracco Farms, a small family farm in the black dirt region of Pine Island, NY. He uses sustainable farming techniques to grow clean, pure produce that is a favorite among chefs. During the coronavirus pandemic, Anthony also began teaching others about self sufficiency via gardening as issues of food safety, food security and supply chain became an important priority for the general public. Anthony lives with his family in Cedar Grove, NJ