Using Zoom for Online Library Programs

You have signed up for a library program via Zoom. If you have never before used Zoom, how do you prepare?

You don’t need a Zoom account to join a meeting. The meeting host (in this case the library) will schedule the meeting and send you the invitation via email. From here, you can click to join the meeting via in the link in the invite, which will then prompt you to install the Zoom app. Once you click to download, a file called Zoom.pkg will appear at the top of your Downloads folder, or in the bottom downloads panel on your Chrome browser or the top right corner of your Safari browser. Clicking this will launch Installer and an Install Zoom window. After clicking through the prompts to Install, you will have Zoom on your computer. Once the app is downloaded, when your click the invite link, you will be prompted to open Zoom.

For certain types of programs like book groups, you will also be prompted to grant Zoom access to your computer’s microphone and camera — both of which are necessary to participate in a Zoom video conference call. You will then see a preview video pop up, where you should select Join with Video. You should also select the Join Audio button in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window, and then join with computer audio. You can use this same button to Mute/Unmute throughout the call. If their video input doesn’t start as well, you should select the Start Video icon in the bottom left hand corner.