The Roebling Legacy – 12/8

Sunday, December 8 at 3 pm

Presenter: Clifford Zink, author of The Roebling Legacy

Spanning 200 years, the story of the Roebling family and their bridge engineering and wire rope business chronicles a legacy of innovation, endurance, and exceptional achievement during a time of industrial revolution and technological advancement in America’s history. Through landmark achievements like the Brooklyn Bridge – the “universal symbol of New York” – and the great cables on the George Washington and Golden Gate Bridges, the Roeblings and thousands of their employees in Trenton and Roebling, N.J., helped shape modern life, and they also built one of America’s best company towns – “a model in every respect.” In this session, participants will discover how this high profile New Jersey family influenced life then and life today.

Clifford Zink explores and interprets architectural, industrial, engineering, and landscape history. An award-winning author, he has an M.S. in Historic Preservation from Columbia University, and in 2011 he received the 2011 John A. Roebling Award from the Society for Industrial Archeology’s Roebling Chapter for an outstanding contribution to documenting or preserving the industrial heritage. Also, his book The Roebling Legacy received the 2012 N.J. Author’s Award in Popular Non-Fiction from the N.J. Studies Academic Alliance.