Cancelled for March – TED Talks Lunch & Learn Discussions Group

Fourth Mondays of the Month, 12:30-1:30pm

Bring your lunch and listen to riveting, inspiring thinkers at the top of their professions present innovation in every discipline – medicine, science, tech, education, psychology, history, justice, politics and more.

 We will hold lively discussions generated after these short 15 minute films that promise to engage and challenge us to think wider, deeper, higher! An original topic will be presented each month. 

The nonprofit TED is an acronym for technology, entertainment, and design. The organization is celebrated for its semiannual conferences that bring together some of the world’s best movers, shakers, and thinkers in a wide variety of disciplines.


Monthly Topics:

December 23: Aging: The Science of Cells That Never Grow Old

January 27: Game Theory and What It Can Teach Us About War

February 24: CRISPR: Disease, Designer Babies and the Ethical Dilemma