Summer 2020 Democracy Art Contest

This art contest, sponsored by The Community Democracy Building Project,  is open to all children and adolescents who live in or are involved with Hopewell in some way such as being a member of a church or some other Hopewell organization. It is for kids from preschool through high school. The theme of the contest is “what democracy means to me.” If you don’t know what democracy is or need some help understanding what it means to you, ask your parents or someone you trust to explain it to you and give you some examples of how you use democracy. Then create something in one, two, three or all of the following categories:

  • Draw or paint a picture that shows what democracy means to you,
  • Write a poem describing how you feel about what democracy means to you,
  • Take a photograph that reflects what democracy means to you,
  • Write a short story recounting what democracy means to you.

The contest ends August 31, 2020. All entries will be placed in a online art gallery for everyone to see. No names will be on the art work, only numbers and artists’ ages will identify each piece so that judges will not know who they are judging only how old the artist is. The art will be judged and awards will be given out in September on a date to be announced in September.

For more information and submission details, please visit The Community Democracy Building Project