Storm Water Management – Recording Available

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom
Presented by the Watershed Institute

Rain may be a welcome relief from the heat of the summer, but when that water runs off your property it carries with it a multitude of pollutants and can contribute to flooding. Did you know that polluted runoff is one of the largest causes of pollution to our waterways? Join the experts from the Watershed Institute to learn about impacts of polluted runoff and what you and your community can do.

Olivia Spildooren, River-Friendly Coordinator: Olivia is a Dickinson College graduate with a BS in Environmental Science. She has robust experience dealing with water quality issues through a science, education, or outreach lens from her time at the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring. As River-Friendly Coordinator at The Watershed Institute, Olivia works with residents, schools, businesses and golf courses to recognize and further their environmental stewardship actions and knowledge.


Steve Tuorto, PhD., Director of Science and Stewardship: Steve has a strong background doing lab and field work, data analysis, and publishing on environmental and ecological research. He has conducted research in a variety of ecosystems. His experiences include time working as senior R&D scientist at TerraCycle.  As the Science Director at the Watershed Institute, Steve’s department has been focused on studying water quality with respect to land-use, development and restoration work, particularly with regard to storm water management.