Pennington Profile and the Story of its Creation, Recording Available

A Pennington Profile: Margaret J. O’Connell – Educator, Author, Historian
Presented by Jack Koeppel and Jordan Antebi
Sunday, March 19, 2023 – 3 pm ET
In-Person & on Zoom: Wesley Forum of the Kenneth Kai Tai Yen Humanities Building, The Pennington School (Directions)

Margaret O’Connell was a pioneer in public history, who helped raise awareness for local history and culture, and educated an entire generation of Hopewell Valley students. Most famously, she wrote Pennington Profile, the Borough’s landmark history, which she considered her legacy to the children whom she could no longer teach. This talk highlights the life and legacy of a trailblazing woman whose contributions helped shape today’s Valley community, and whose courage in the face of adversity can inspire others today.

(Above Photo Caption: “Pennington Profile’s author Margaret J. O’Connell proudly displays her invitation to the 1960 Presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy to her high school students.”)

A new Digital Edition of Margaret O’Connell’s comprehensive book, Pennington Profile, A Capsule of State and Nation, is now available as a free digital download, with searchable text and over 190 annotated photos, through the cooperation of the Pennington Public Library and the Hopewell Valley History Project.

About the Presenters:
Jack Koeppel is a lifelong Pennington resident with a passion for preservation. In the 1980’s Mr. Koeppel developed an interest in local history and began uncovering dozens of old photographs and other historical artifacts pertaining to Hopewell Valley’s past. While serving as a trustee of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society he, along with other dedicated members, established a permanent collection dedicated to preserving these items. The collection continues to grow.

Mr. Koeppel served as president of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society; Pennington Business Association; and was a trustee of the Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space; and Howell Living History Farm. He has three grown children and lives with his wife in Pennington.

A lifelong Pennington resident, Jordan Antebi received his A.B. degree in History from Princeton University. His undergraduate thesis was the recipient of the Paul A. Stellhorn New Jersey History Award, as well as the C.O. Joline Prize in American History and the Dean Hank Dobin Prize in Community Based Scholarship. As a high school student, he also worked with Hopewell Valley educators to develop a local history curriculum supplement for the public schools.

Currently, Jordan serves as a volunteer trustee of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and is a lifetime member of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society.

Co-sponsored by the Pennington Public Library, the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, and The Hopewell Museum.