Library Co-Hosts Paper Tigers Screening October 24

On Monday, October 24, the Pennington Public Library will be co-hosting a screening of the documentary Paper Tigers along with Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey at the Pennington School. Executive produced by Karen Pritzker and directed by James Redford, Paper Tigers examines the lives of six students at Lincoln High School, a high school in Walla Walla, Washington. Instead of disciplining students by suspending them, adults at Lincoln have been using methods of understanding and support to help students break a cycle of poverty and violence – the effects of their compassion are incredible.

Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey, PCA-NJ, was founded in 1979, and its mission is to promote a happy and healthy childhood with good parenting while also preventing any child abuse or neglect. Part of this is addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which can have an enormous effect on the rest of the child’s life. Paper Tigers presents a way to help youth, and PCA-NJ hopes to share this message.

The Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey, Rush Russell, said “We are hopeful that sharing this film will start a movement in New Jersey towards adopting a more trauma-informed approach to teaching and relating to adolescents who have encountered a series of adverse childhood experiences, as well as inspire parents and professionals working with young children and families to continue to emphasize the importance of healthy social-emotional development in early childhood.”

After the screening, Russell will be leading a discussion about the film. During this discussion, members of the audience can consider the ways they can implement the same methods used at Lincoln High School in their lives. For educators, teachers, and principals, the film and discussion will certainly bring a new understanding to childhood trauma and how to relate to teens while helping them fulfill their potential.

The Pennington Public Library is also excited to co-host the screening because of its strong message. The Director of the Pennington Public Library, Kim T. Ha, said, “Paper Tigers highlights the strong connection between adverse childhood experiences to health-related and emotional problems, but more importantly, it provides a solution to this problem: the presence of a caring adult. Community members will not only perceive at-risk teens differently but also learn more about the intricacies of trauma-informed education. There aren’t any cookie-cutter answers, but there are solutions nonetheless.”

The screening of Paper Tigers will be held at the Kenneth Kai Tai Hen Yen Humanities Building at the Pennington School on 112 West Delaware Avenue. Refreshments will be served. The screening begins at 4:00 pm, and registration is required. To register, contact

To become more involved with PCA-NJ, visit their website,