Online Home Workout Options

Below is a collection of online workouts for anyone who wants to exercise at home. Workouts are lead by certified personal trainers and most require little to no exercise equipment. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting a fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. Please check back as we add new resources.

Fitness Blender
Fitness Blender is an online fitness website with more than 4 million subscribers run by Daniel and Kelli Segars. Daniel has been working in the fitness industry since 2000 and Kelli since 2006. Their website provides free online workouts sorted by their focus on upper body, lower body, total body, and core. Any video not marked as FB Plus is free of charge and most videos only require dumbbells or an equivalently heavy object.

Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness is an American franchise of fitness centers with 1859 locations focused on providing a “Judgment Free Zone.” Their Facebook page includes a new Home Work-In series, which are daily workout videos uploaded by Planet Fitness trainers that require no equipment.

Burn Bootcamp Princeton
These virtual workouts are broadcasted live from Burn Bootcamp Princeton’s Facebook page on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 a.m. The workouts will be all body weight workouts and sometimes incorporate some at home items like water bottles and chairs. BBP will continue to stream live three times per week until the fitness business restriction is lifted and will continue to be free to the community as long as they’re following the Facebook page.

The YMCA is an international fitness organization that has been operating since 1844. Today it serves more than 64 million people in 120 counties. Their website, YMCA 360, has a modest variety of workouts including bodyweight exercises, yoga, and tai chi. Most workouts require no equipment.

Gold’s Gym
Gold’s Gym is an international chain of fitness centers, with more than 700 locations and 2 million+ members. Their website, GoldsGymAnywhere, provides a modest selection of workouts from Gold’s trainers at no charge.

Jessica Smith TV
Jessica Smith is a Miami based trainer with certifications from four separate institutions. Her YouTube channel has videos on: no equipment workouts, mediation and mindfulness, low impact workouts, beginner workouts, and much more. Required equipment varies between workouts.

BodyFit by Amy
Amy Kiser Schemper has personal trainer certifications from both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Her YouTube channel provides a variety of different types of workout videos including: beginner/low impact workouts, no equipment workouts, 5-10 minute workouts, and more. Required equipment varies between workouts.

Joshua Kozak is an International Sports Sciences Association certified trainer. He runs HASfit with his wife, Claudia. Together they provide free workout videos for all fitness levels. The amount of equipment required for each workout varies.

OrangeTheory is an international fitness franchise with 728 studios in 16 countries, including 45 states in the US. Its youtube channel is uploading At-Home workouts everyday. The workouts sometimes require dumbbells, or something heavy enough to act as equivalent resistance.

Yoga With Adriene
Adriene Mishler is an international yoga teacher with more than 15 years experience and an online community of over 6 million viewers. She provides practices on yoga and mindfulness at no cost on her youtube channel. Her videos range from beginner to advances and no equipment is needed.

Tennessee State University Libraries LibGuide on Exercise and Meditation
Tennessee State University Librarians have put together an extensive list of free online workout and meditation options, organized by pre-recorded videos and livestreams. There list include some of what we’ve already listed above and different options as well.