Friends of the Library

Friends of the Pennington Public Library

The Friends of the Pennington Library is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to enhance the Library’s resources as a vital link to the community. Because the Library receives limited public funds, it needs additional financial help for purchases and programs beyond basic operating expenses.

Funds are raised through an annual appeal mailing as well as from special events and sales of gift items. Currently on sale is this limited edition print of old North Main Street, reprinted especially for the library by local historian and art specialist, Jack Koeppel. Available for $50, it replicates the original 1970s silkscreen by master printmaker, Ann Gross, a beloved and involved member of the Pennington community for many years. To purchase a print, email the Friends or drop by the library.

Main Street

Through generous contributions from the community, the Friends have been able to provide funding for the following:

  • Expansion of all areas of the print collection, including children’s books and reference materials
  • The Swapping Spinner that provides a place for donated books to be traded for free
  • The Keurig brewer that provides patrons with coffee, tea, and hot-chocolate for a token donation
  • Extensive Adult Programming offering free films, discussions and more

The Friends Board meets on a monthly basis throughout the academic year. If you would like more information about the Friends and how to become a member of the Friends Board or committees, contact one of the Members listed below:

2016 Friends of Pennington Library

  • Sarah DuVall Murray, Co-President
  • Kristin Tunkel, Co-President
  • Dawn Berman, Vice President
  • Francie McManimon, Treasurer
  • Rona MacInnes, Secretary
  • Betty Ann Benton
  • Kelly Dec
  • Margi Linden-Burns
  • Sue Nami
  • Jane Dolan Porpora
  • Anna Roberts
  • Kathleen Nash, Board of Trustees Representative