Making a Meaningful Life – Jan. 31

Wednesday, January 31, 7:00 – 8:00 pm

Presenter: Janet S. Steinwedel, PhD
President, Leader’s Insight, LLC

Start your year with purpose and join us for insights on creating a meaningful life. Our lives are busy, even frenetic, and as a new year starts, our thoughts go to “how to do it differently?” It may seem that all of our best plans go by the wayside in the first month. The difference lies in the time we spend tending to our inner life in order to create a more meaningful life overall. When we know what is really important we shed the extraneous much more easily. In this session, learn how to develop more effective self-management and unfold a deeper authenticity. Learn about a deeper self-awareness for the growth that enables a more robust and joyful life as opposed to just a busy life.


Janet Steinwedel, PhD, author, Executive Coach and Organizational Development consultant, grew up in Pennington and graduated from the Hopewell Valley Central High school (1978).

Janet’s second book in the Steinwedel Redbook Series is titled Authenticity as an Executive Coach: Waking up the Wounded Healer Archetype and was published in October 2017. Her series is focused on the integration of Jungian psychology and consciousness with the work of the Executive Coach and Leadership Development consultant. The effort targets the inner work we all must do to create an authentic and purposeful life.