Get Proactive about Breast Health – Oct. 1

Sunday, October 1 at 3 pm

Would you like to be more proactive about your breast health? Eighty nine percent of women who develop breast cancer do not have a first-degree relative who had it. Genes are an important but relatively small part of the breast cancer story. You also need to understand the role of inflammation and the importance of your breast density. What increases risk and what can you do to lower it? Join Charlie Erica Fall and learn about healthy dietary habits, daily activities, standard of care options, as well as emerging technologies that can be a welcome addition to your breast care toolkit. Charlie will lead a discussion on steps you can take that can help remove the fear from breast care.


Charlie Erica Fall is a Certified Thermography Manager. Thermography is an early risk-assessment tool, a non-invasive imaging technology that may help women detect breast abnormalities at an earlier stage. It is radiation free and no compression is involved.  Prior to her career in thermography, Charlie spent 20 years instructing families with autism in the dietary interventions to reduce the associated inflammation and symptoms.