Featured Artist: Janet Keller Laughlin

dsc_0031If you’ve been to the Pennington Public Library recently, you may have noticed the impressive new painting behind the circulation desk. Currently, painter and sculptor Janet Keller Laughlin has some of her oil paintings on display at the Pennington Public Library.

Laughlin studied at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree there for Illustration and Graphic Design. She also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she received her post baccalaureate. Now, Laughlin teaches at the Arts Council of Princeton as well as giving workshops and lectures in schools.

Laughlin finds inspiration in nature, and the paintings on display are inspired by the Sourland Mountains and illustrate the deep, rich tones of nature. Each of Laughlin’s lovely paintings are very detailed, and everyone is sure to find them captivating.

When asked to describe her paintings, Laughlin said, “Capturing the play of light, color, and texture of forest and meadow, these studies evoke a mood of place, through how I see [the Sourland Mountains] at that moment in time. The largest painting in the exhibit is a composition created from memory of a walking through the aromatic conifers along the way”.

The paintings featured at the library include Dreamscape, Autumn Meadow, Spring Meadow, Field of Trees, Forest Glow, Stone Barn, Resilient, and Sourland Mountain Forest. All of the paintings are oil on canvas and wood panels. Her paintings can be found behind the circulation desk and in the New Jersey Room.

Besides the Pennington Public Library, Laughlin’s artwork can be viewed on display at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Moore College for Art and Design, Grounds for Sculpture, and the Philadelphia Convention Center. Laughlin has also won numerous awards for her outstanding artwork.

For budding artists, Laughlin recommends “find[ing] your own authentic voice and taking time to develop your skills”. From her paintings, it’s clear Laughlin has her distinct voice and style that shines through her art.

The next time you’re at the Pennington Library, don’t forget to take a few minutes and admire some of Laughlin’s extraordinary work. You’ll be glad you did!