Featured Artist: Alisha Hastings-Kimball

FullSizeRender (4)If you’ve stopped by the Pennington Public Library recently, you may have noticed a display of sculptures or some newly added photographs in the New Jersey Room. Through July, these works by artist Alisha Hastings-Kimball will be featured at the library.

Hastings-Kimball has been interested in art since she was very young, and when one of her drawings from her art class was framed, she realized that she wanted to continue pursuing art as a career. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trenton State College, Hastings-Kimball went on to receive her Masters of Arts in Teaching from the College of New Jersey.

At the Pennington Public Library, Hastings-Kimball’s work includes “mindfulness bowls,” which have one-word messages, a knitting bowl in the shape of a sheep, buttons, a love banner, and salt-and-pepper shakers in the shape of a bird’s nest with eggs.

Although Hastings-Kimball works primarily with sculpture and ceramics, she does a variety of other work as well, including photography. Her photos on display are of vibrant nature scenes, many of which are gorgeous flowers.

FullSizeRender (5)Hastings-Kimball’s work is clearly influenced by her passion for nature and admires John Singer Sargent’s painting, “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose.” Above all, Hastings-Kimball hopes her artwork “tells stories using all the mediums that feel right for whatever I am trying to convey in the moment.”

Besides the Pennington Library, Hastings-Kimball’s work can be found at 3B’s Furniture in Robbinsville. She also has a website where she posts her artwork. For those who are interested, Hastings-Kimball has a mailing list, where anyone can sign up to receive news and updates about her work and studio.

When asked about what advice she had for artists, Hastings-Kimball said, “I would say take classes and or go to school but also I would say just create. Just make something, keep making, whatever it is… painting, drawing, photography, ceramics. If you feel and hear a calling in your heart, don’t worry about how good you are,  what other people think or the purpose behind it, just go and do it, create and keep at it. Even if it feels like you are making garbage at first, just keeping going. The only way to be an artist is to make stuff and keep making stuff. Share it if it feels right. The rest will come.”

Come to the Pennington Public Library to take a look at Alisha Hastings-Kimball’s amazing artwork!