In Conversation with Local Filmmakers of Capsules – Recording Available

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 @ 7 pm

Local filmmakers Luke Momo and Harrison Kraft discuss their filmmaking process with the Pennington Public Library.

Film Synopsis: After experimenting with mysterious substances, four chem students find themselves addicted in the worst way possible: they’ll die unless they take more.

2022 · 1 hr 10 min. · TV-MA
Drama · Sci-Fi · Thriller
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The film will be screened at the Princeton Garden Theater on Sunday, April 28, 2024 @ 7 pm

About the Filmmakers
Born in Princeton, NJ, Luke Momo (Director, Writer, Producer) earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy with a minor in visual arts from Fordham College Lincoln Center in the Class of 2019. As a student, he founded the Fordham Filmmaking Club. As a filmmaker, he directed Capsules, a feature film, alongside a series of short films including The Stamp Collector. He also interned for Marie-Louise Khondji at Le Cinema Club, a dynamic online cinema space.

Harrison Kraft (Cinematographer) is a director and cinematographer specializing in independent films. As a director, his credits include the short films Drug Rider and The Howling Wind. As a cinematographer, he has shot several independent feature films, most notably Cannibal Mukbang and Capsules.