Featured Artist: Kit Greener

Local artist Kit Greener’s sculptures are currently on display at the Pennington Public Library, and they certainly brighten up the space in the New Jersey Room.

From a young age, Greener has always been exposed to art, with many relatives who were painters, textile artists, potters, and more. From her family, she learned to paint, sculpt, and make jewelry. Although Greener didn’t attend art school, it’s clear she has great talent, and she continued to perfect her work by painting throughout her life. For aspiring artists, her advice is to improve by practicing every day.

Last month, Greener displayed oil paintings in the library. Her paintings featured bright flowers, green fields, and rolling hills. Other works included ships on shore and a pair of boots. Currently, Greener is also working on additional paintings and sculptures, so her works may be rotated in the library. 

Some of Greener’s favorite artists include Sargent, Manet, Matisse, and Rothko. Greener also enjoys going to local galleries, such as the Morpeth Contemporary in Hopewell and the Princeton Art Museum on campus.

Besides displaying her work at the Pennington Library, Greener is actively involved in the local Pennington community. As part of a partnership between the library and the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, Greener led a puppet workshop.

She also took part in the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s Stampede project. With her friend and artist Kyle Wille, Greener painted the “Greetings from Hopewell Valley” ox, typically found at Rosedale Mills on Route 31.

Greener believes that “Art enriches, inspires and challenges. It strengthens intention and forces one to be in the here and now. I think the making and viewing of art is like meditation or prayer, and it’s essential for well being.”