Programming Partners

At the Pennington Public Library, we work together with local and state organizations to enrich the  lives of individuals in the community. Our partnerships promote community and continuing education in a variety of ways. Here are some of the collaborations that have taken place in the past.

If you are interested in partnering with us, let us know by filling out and submitting our Partner With Us form. We welcome new ideas!

Community Partners

Hopewell Valley Arts Council

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council has collaborated with the Pennington Public Library on a number of initiatives including Stampede Sundays, a meet-the-artist series featuring the creative talents behind the Hopewell Valley Stampede. PPL also ran a “Design an Ox” contest for elementary school children.

Hopewell Valley Historical Society

The Pennington Public Library and the Hopewell Valley Historical Society have co-sponsored a number of history lectures including: “Who Lived Here? A Chronicle of Hopewell Township’s Changing Population”; “Through the Lens of George Frisbie: A Slide Presentation”; and “200 Years of Farming Pleasant Valley.” In 2015, PPL hosted “Pennington Comes of Age: An Exhibit of Historic Photographs,” sponsored by HVHS and curated by longtime resident, Jack Koeppel. The images were accompanied by narratives written by local historians and HVHS members Larry Kidder, Jack Davis and David Blackwell.

Hopewell Valley Senior Services

The Baby Boomers quarterly series is open to all ages and features a variety of topics. Past programs include: “Smart Steps Walking Program”; “Your Retirement: Transition and Discovery for the Next Chapter of Your Life”; “The Psychology of Clutter: Learning to Let Go”; “The Best Native Plants for Hopewell Valley Gardens”; and “Political Memorabilia: A Study of American History.”

Pennington Business and Professional Association

The Pennington Public Library participates in Pennington’s Annual Holiday Walk, sponsored by the Pennington Business and Professional Association. In 2015, PPL became the first non-profit organization to participate in the PB&PA-sponsored “Hope is in the Bag” campaign, promoting  breast cancer awareness and raising funds for those undergoing treatment at Capital Health Medical Center.

Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association

The 2013, 2014 and 2015 Watershed Environmental Film Festivals featured films such as “Chasing Ice,” “The City Dark,” “Sourlands,” “The Clean Bin Project,” “A River Changes Course,” “A Thirsty World” and “Shored Up.” The Watershed has also co-sponsored programs such as “How Clean is My Stream? A Stream Investigation in Kunkel Park.”